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Soundstream SNX771
Soundstream SNX771 Double Din INGENIX AVN Source Unit with Detachable Digital 7" TFT-LCD Touch Screen Model No. SNX-771 Part No. SNX771

* Best Price Guarantee

Sorry, this item is not available for ordering at this time.
If you wish to be notified when it is available,
please contact us via email.

Detailed Description of the SNX771:
Soundstream SNX771 Double Din INGENIX AVN Source Unit with Detachable Digital 7" TFT-LCD Touch Screen Model No. SNX-771 Part No. SNX771

Soundstream INGENIX powered source units use a proprietary engine featuring 800 MHz CPU processor & WIN CE 6.0 operating system.
Commonly found in compact netbooks, such lightning fast function processing has not been possible in an aftermarket automotive multimedia system, until now.
INGENIX programming brings unique feature applications to your fingertips.

The primary menu of the INGENIX source units has an appeal that you might expect only from a computer.
The LED back light Full HD quality 800x480 screen resolution yields a crisp image.
Drag any mode application icon from the slide menu at the bottom of the screen and drop it onto the desktop as a shortcut.
Utilize the drop down widget menu for quick settings access.
The main menu background and brightness settings can be set to change automatically at night.
There's even a scrolling marquee banner displaying your short message.

All INGENEX powered source units are available standard with GPS turn-by-turn navigation for USA & Canada (other countries available).
Set your destination to one of 12 million Points of Interest.
Additional features include favorites list, programmable home & office destinations, & multi-lingual, multi-accented voices.
Mapping and POI data from Navteq.

INGENIX is the first to bring the Picture-in-Picture function into the car.
PIP allows uninterrupted video playback while simultaneously viewing the GPS navigation map in real time, as it happens.
The picture can be re-sized and positioned to 3 different ratios.

Scroll through your iPhone, iPod Touch, Classic, or Nano to find your favorite tracks.
Search options include by Album, Artist, Genre, Playlist, or entire track list.
Jump through lists by first alpha character scrolling.
Connect using your existing iPod USB cable

Pair your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, Smartphone, or iPhone with INGENIX for safe, hands free calling.
If capable, your phones contacts lista will transfer on-screen, as well as recent call logs.
Contact lists names appear as caller ID when receiving a call.

Dual Zone for Rear Seat or Overhead Entertainment
Adjustable Video Output Screen Ratio & Image Positioning
Utility Application w/ Memo Pad, Calculator, Calendar,
Car Maintenance, Texas Hold em Poker, & World Clock
4V Front, Rear & Subwoofer Pre-amp Output
Front Panel 3.5mm AUX A/V Input
A/V Input from Auxiliary Source
Rear View Camera RCA Input w/ Trigger
Digital Signal Processing
DSP features include a digital 7-band equalizer w/ 9 factory presets & 2 custom presets, real time analyzer, individual source level adjustment, variable subwoofer level control w/ low pass crossover, and sound staging controls.
16GB SDHC & USB 2.0 Reader
Playback MP3, WAV, FLAC, & AC3 audio files, or MP4, WMV, DivX, & XviD video files from up to a 16GB SDHC card or USB 2.0 mass storage device. Artwork transfers from enabled device, if available. INGENIX units will read files from a USB powered portable hard drive, up to 250GB capacity.
Streaming Bluetooth Music (A2DP)
Pair your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, Smartphone, iPhone, or iPod Touch for wireless MP3 payback. Use the touch screen controls for basic operations.
Multimedia File Manager
Sort, view, play, move, or delete your multimedia & data files. No longer will you need a computer on the go to manage your USB/SD/ HDD Mass Storage devices.
Speedometer & Compass speedometer? Cant figure which direction youre driving? Utilize the GPS based real-time speedometer and directional compass to help Are larger wheels and tires throwing off your out. Even set them as the screen saver for constant viewing.
Accepts Axxess ASWC OEM Steering Wheel Interface
JPG, BMP, & GIF Photo Browser
Upload Custom Screen Savers
Remote Control Sold Separately
Digital & Analog TV Tuners Available
NTSC/PAL Video Playback
50W x 4 MOSFET Speaker Outputs
400NIT Panel Brightness

Motorized Faceplate w/ Preset Angle Adjustment
Detachable Theft Deterrent Faceplate
Front Panel USB 2.0 & SDHC Readers
Front Panel 3.5mm AUX A/V Input
Embossed Aluminum Soft Touch Sensor Buttons
Copper Electroplated Chassis
Gloss Black Finish
Soundstream  1-Year Warranty


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